Camping 🏕 Rottnest Island 🏝

Rottnest Island lies to the West of Perth. Lots of people catch an early ferry ⛴️ and head over for a day trip, but we managed to secure 5 days at the Campsite, it required a 3 week wait 👀⌚️ but it was worth it, and midweek we managed to book an extra 3 days on the Island, so a total of 8 days on Rottnest 😀

Rottnest Island isn’t really a backpacker friendly place to find a hotel with prices starting at around £189. The campsite is a perfect option for backpackers. It’s budget friendly and has a list of great points, it has a toilet and shower block, a kitchen with gas barbecues, picnic benches, it’s a few meters away from Pinky Beach and The Basin Beach, and there is a lighthouse meters away, as well as onsite Tennis Courts. Another nice thing about coming to Rottnest Island is that the ferry company will bring your bags from the ferry ⛴️ to your accommodation, including the campsite 😀

The Island has a selection of free tours at different times of the day, talking through the history of Rottnest. It’s run by volunteers, and they’re quite informative and break up the day. The Island is also home to and famous for around 10,000 Quokkas, but more about them in another post

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