A Pause in Budapest: Reflecting on the Cycling Adventure from Rotterdam to Hungary


Days 61-64 marked a pivotal juncture in our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania. As we checked into an apartment in Budapest, we found ourselves at a crossroads, contemplating the future of our journey. This period of reflection, decision-making, and logistical tasks became a significant chapter in our cycling saga.

Contemplating the Future:

The onset of colder and wetter weather, coupled with the diminishing daylight hours, prompted us to engage in a heartfelt discussion about the continuation of our adventure through Hungary. Recognizing the challenges posed by the changing seasons and the less developed infrastructure in Hungary, we made the decision to temporarily conclude our journey in Budapest. The prospect of returning in the future to explore new horizons lingered as a promise of more adventures to come.

Reasons for the Pause:

Several factors influenced our decision to pause the journey. The encroaching winter weather posed potential discomfort and safety concerns, limiting the daylight hours available for cycling. Reports of less developed infrastructure in Hungary, along with the anticipation of worsening conditions, factored into our choice. The decision to postpone our Hungarian leg allowed us to prioritize safety, comfort, and the quality of the cycling experience.

Logistical Endeavors:

The days in Budapest were filled with a myriad of logistical tasks. From finding and booking flights back to the UK to obtaining bike boxes and disassembling the bicycles after a thorough wash, the checklist seemed endless. Cleaning and organizing camping equipment, clothes, and cooking gear added to the meticulous preparations. The culmination of these efforts took place at Manchester Airport, where we carefully disassembled everything before planning the next phase of our adventure.

Looking Ahead:

As we bid farewell to Budapest and temporarily concluded our cycling journey, the sense of anticipation for future adventures lingered in the air. The decision to pause in Hungary was a strategic choice to regroup, reassess, and plan for warmer and more accommodating cycling conditions. The road may have led us to a temporary pause, but it undoubtedly paved the way for future tales of exploration and discovery.


Day 61-64 marked not just a pause in our cycling adventure but a strategic decision to navigate the challenges wisely. As we embraced the respite in Budapest, we recognized that every journey has its rhythm, and sometimes, taking a step back is essential to propel forward into new and exciting chapters. Stay tuned for the unfolding of the next cycling adventure—an exploration that promises warmth, relaxation, and a continuation of the story from where we left off.

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