Cycling Adventure from Rotterdam to Romania: Day 60 – Rainy Arrival in Budapest


As our cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania reached its 61st day, we found ourselves pedaling through the rain-drenched landscapes from Budakalász to Budapest. Despite the weather’s challenges, the day unfolded as a memorable and relatively short ride, culminating in a cozy apartment in the heart of Budapest.

A Wet Start:

The day began with the rhythmic sound of raindrops on our cycling gear as we set out from Budakalász. The rain, though persistent, did little to dampen our spirits as we embraced the invigorating challenge of navigating the wet roads. The lush scenery, now glistening under the rain, added a touch of ethereal beauty to the journey.

Cycling into Budapest:

As we approached Budapest, the rain persisted, turning the streets into a reflective canvas mirroring the city lights. The ride into Budapest, despite being wet, was a refreshing experience, allowing us to appreciate the resilience of both ourselves and the urban landscape in the face of inclement weather.

Nice and Short Journey:

The day’s cycling segment, while shorter than usual, presented its own set of rewards. The condensed ride offered a different perspective, allowing us to absorb the surroundings more leisurely and relish the simple joy of cycling through the rain-soaked streets.

Checking into Budapest:

Arriving in Budapest, we sought refuge in a carefully chosen apartment in the heart of the city. The decision to take a break in Budapest was not just about shelter; it was a strategic move to attend to various tasks in the bustling center of town.

Cozy Apartment Retreat:

The chosen apartment provided a warm and comfortable retreat, a sanctuary from the persistent rain outside. It allowed us not only to dry off and refresh but also to dive into necessary tasks and responsibilities, striking a balance between the demands of the journey and the practicalities of everyday life.


Day 61, marked by rain-soaked cycling and a brief yet impactful journey into Budapest, showcased the multifaceted nature of our cycling odyssey. The challenges posed by the weather were met with resilience and appreciation for the unique beauty it bestowed upon the landscapes. As we settled into our cozy retreat in Budapest, the day seamlessly blended the demands of the journey with the practicalities of everyday life, creating a well-rounded chapter in our adventure from Rotterdam to Romania.

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