The Last time Snorkeling in the Maldives 🤷🏻‍♂️, for now…

It was the last day on the Island of Bodufolhudhoo 🏝 so I decided to spend most of it snorkelling around the surrounding reefs. As usual, there was lots of tropical fish around the reef, from large Parrotfish chompingon Coral, small groups of Moorish Idols wondering around, groups of Chinese Trumpetfish waiting out prey, large groups of Powder Blue Surgeonfish wandering around, groups of Clownfish garher in shallower water by marine plants, huge flocks of Convict Surgeonfish swim around you, there’s always a few Picasso Triggerfish that pass by to say hello, as well as so many other species, the underwater Safari is Amazing.

I weaved in and out of the Coral following it around the Island for about an hour until I approached the North facing part of the Island, at that point the tides were against me and the water was very choppy with big waves crashing over me. So I decided to head back in the opposite direction as I turned around a Manta Ray appeared from somewhere and swam beside me for a couple of moments before diving into the Ocean until it was no longer visible. Swimming with a Manta Ray is one of the coolest snorkeling experiences I’ve ever had underwater.

I headed back, dwelling on what I’d just encountered, and continued past the entry point to the beach and followed the Coral the South Western point of the reef, even though the Island is only 300 x 300m the Reef is much larger. As I got to this point the waves were choppy again and weaving around the Coral seemed to have taken my quite a distance from shore, at that moment a reef Shark 🦈 swam straight across in front of me, it must have been less than a meter away and then it went around to the side of me and slowly off into the depths of the ocean. Lot’s of people had mentioned seeing sharks while Snorkeling, so I’d been wanting to see one for a while, but when I finally encountered one soo close there was a feeling of mixed emotions, part of me was thinking Wow Shark while another part of my brain was thinking it’s a little too close. Heading back to shore a second Shark swept by a couple of meters away this time.

Getting back to the beach ⛱️ I realised I’d be Snorkeling for around 3 hours, a great way to end this chapter of the journey. Unfortunately didn’t take the phone Snorkeling on this occasion 🤷🏻‍♂️ so nk underwater footage, but I did capture some Manta Rays and Sharks that paid a visit to the shore in the evening.

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