Munich to Venice – Day 2

After not making it all the way to Bad Tolz because of the late start the day before, I woke up in a forested area around 10miles away from Bad Tolz, the Sun light coming through the trees and into the Tent and the Birds singing was the perfect wakeup call to the day. After packing up the tent and gear, quick breakfast bar, the 2nd day of Riding began, one thing you realise when Cycling the Munich to Venice route is that things start good and keep getting better as you progress along the route. The ride started with a dirt track through the forest , before getting back onto the Isar River at various points. The day was hot so frequent dips in the Isar was highly refreshing :-). Once off the route goes onto country roads as things started to open up, soon the Barvarian Alps were in sight and as the day progressed through some Pretty Barvarian Towns I could feel I was getting closer and closer to the Alps as they appeared less and less distant. The plan was to cross the border into Austria and Ride to Innnsbruck, there isn’t really a border to see or cross, the lines on the Google Maps showed I’d crossed it but I wouldn’t have know had I not checked the map. All in all a very seanic and highly rewarding day of cycling.

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