Hooroo Australia

Bye for now Australia we’ll be back!

After spending an awesome month in Western Australia, mainly around Perth, it’s time to move on to the next location, Bali, Indonesia.

Western Australia is an Amazing place with so much to see and do. A month is nowhere near enough time to explore the state, especially given the huge distances between locations. So why are we moving on when we haven’t fully explored it.. well for two reasons Australia isn’t the most backpacker friendly when it comes to a travel budget, now there are lots of opportunities available to work and travel, or campervan relocations but at this time it isn’t an option for us, the second reason is that getting around on public transport isn’t the easiest in WA, lots of areas aren’t covered, you really need a car or campervan to travel around or there is the option of joining a tour.

We’ll hopefully be back in the future to explore more!

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