Cycling Adventure from Rotterdam to Romania: Day Two – De Avelingen to Wijboschbroek

Our epic cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania continued on day two, taking us from the picturesque starting point at De Avelingen to the tranquil oasis of Wijboschbroek, Schijndel, Netherlands. With scenic views, a brilliant sunny start to the day, and a bit of unexpected rain towards the end, this leg of our adventure was nothing short of memorable.

Scenic Views:
As we pedaled away from De Avelingen, we were immediately greeted by the breathtaking Dutch countryside. Rolling green fields stretched out in every direction, dotted with charming windmills that seemed like something straight out of a postcard. The flat terrain made for smooth riding, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of the surroundings.

A Sunny Start:
The weather gods certainly smiled upon us that day. The sun was out in all its glory, casting a warm, golden hue over the landscape. The clear blue skies and gentle breeze made for ideal cycling conditions, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect start to our day.

Unexpected Rain:
Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, the weather threw us a curveball. As we approached the picturesque forested area near Wijboschbroek, the sky darkened, and raindrops started to fall. While it was unexpected, it added a touch of adventure to our journey. We quickly donned our rain gear and continued on, undeterred by the weather.

Wijboschbroek: A Forest Haven:
Wijboschbroek turned out to be the perfect refuge from the rain. This enchanting forest is home to towering trees that seemed to touch the sky. Their branches created a natural canopy that shielded us from the rain, allowing us to take a well-deserved break. We decided to camp here for the night, and the peacefulness of the forest was a welcome contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life.

Lunch with a Twist:
Our lunch break on this day was anything but ordinary. We stumbled upon a charming bird park that also housed kangaroos, alpacas, and owls. Enjoying our sandwiches while watching these fascinating creatures was a unique and delightful experience. It’s not every day that you get to dine with kangaroos and alpacas!

Day two of our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania was a rollercoaster of weather, scenery, and unexpected discoveries. From the scenic countryside views to the sudden rain showers, and the peaceful haven of Wijboschbroek to our extraordinary lunch with exotic animals, it was a day filled with unforgettable moments. We were reminded once again that the beauty of travel lies in its unpredictability, and we couldn’t wait to see what day three had in store for us on this incredible journey.

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