A day of snorkeling around Rottnest Island 🀿

Bus, Walk, or Cycle are the 3 options for getting around on Rottnest Island, with it being relatively small the there aren’t generally any cars.

We spent a day cycling 🚲 the whole island (see upcoming post), a day walking across the island and a day catching the hop on hop off buses 🚌 to a bunch of snorkeling spots.

The first stop was Parker Point. We had a good long swim over the seagrass and finally got to a point with a large amount of colorful Coral and some marine life.

After finishing snorkeling, we joined the walking tour from Parker Point to Little Salmon Bay, which talked us through the trees of Rottnest. While on the walk, we spotted our first Australian Snake 🐍 crossing the road, and we didn’t manage to get a picture it moved too quickly.

After getting to Little Salmon , the snorkeling was much better. It didn’t require as much swimming to get to the Coral as Parker Point, and there was quite a lit to see.

It was time to hip back onto the bus, and next on the list was Mary Cove, Mary Cove is my favorite spot on Rottnest Island for Snorkeling, it has a great reef with lots of colorful Coral and it attracts lots of marine life.

The last stop on the list was Cape Vlamingh Viewing Platform on the far west of the island, so we hopped back onto the bus and went to see the Seal 🦭 Colonie. It’s a scenic place with a few sets of binoculars to help you spot the seals.

After getting back into town getting off the bus, I realized I’d forgotten my sunglasses πŸ•Ά πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ, the driver of the next bus was very helpful and managed to contact the first driver who brought them to the bus stop 😌

Next on the agenda was food and, of course, catching the all-important Rottnest Sunset.

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