Snorkeling at Yanchep Lagoon, Western Australia 🤿

Thanks to Tony and Julie, who were our hosts at Henry Oval Campsite for giving us a ride to and from Yanchep Lagoon and providing some tips on the area 👍.

Yanchep Lagoon was a nice spot to get into the Ocean again and cool off from the Australian heat 🌅. The Lagoon is sheltered from the Ocean waves 🌊 by Coral Reef. It also has a small blue hole where marine life hangout.

Getting into the Ocean takes a few minutes to acclimatise because of the temperature 🌡 difference, but it’s refreshing😌. Once in the water, even with the reef protecting the Lagoon, large waves still get over it and come into the Lagoon and create a current that runs across it. The snorkelling was Fun, but choppy at times, the Coral is pretty good, but it’s challenging to keep close to it as the waves tend to push you away from the Coral towards the beach. Was good fun swimming against the current and following the Coral around the lagoon.

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