Snorkeling at the Drop Off 🤿, Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

It is time to explore Bali’s snorkelling options , heading east from Mount Batur, Tulamben was first destination on the list.

The drop-off is known for its depth starting at around 3 meters but quickly dropping off to 80 meters. It’s an interesting place to snorkel off a beach of black rocks, and this continues into the water. As you swim up to the point of a big decent, there is a large amount of colourful fish species of various kinds that are close to the surface and the visibility is good, you can’t see the bottom though. A short swim along the coast leads to a Coral Garden, which is great for snorkelling as it’s much more colourful, lot’s of tropical fish and bright Coral, I even got to swim with a small turtle a couple of times 🐢😀.

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