Resuming the Adventure: Return to the Black Forest – Days 15-16

Day 15: Journey Resumption – Flight, Buses, and Reuniting with the Bikes

After an almost two-month hiatus in the UK due to unforeseen circumstances, we were finally ready to continue our cycling odyssey from Rotterdam to Romania. Departing from Manchester, a late-night flight transported us to Cologne. From there, an overnight bus ride was intended to carry us to Karlsruhe, yet fate had other plans. A missed stop led us to Stuttgart, prompting further buses and trains until we finally reached Freudenstadt.

Day 16: Reconnecting with Generous Hosts and Embracing the Black Forest Once More

Upon arriving at Freudenstadt, Michael and Maria, our Warm Showers hosts, welcomed us with open arms and, to our delight, had carefully stored our bike packing gear for nearly two months. Maria’s kind gesture of a lovely breakfast fortified us for the day ahead. It was heartwarming to catch up with our hosts before repacking our bikes with gear stored by their generous hospitality.

Back on the Road: Reimmersion into Nature’s Embrace

Reinvigorated and equipped with supplies from a quick stop at Aldi, we embarked on the journey back into the Black Forest. The serene environment welcomed us, offering a beautiful place to camp just outside Freudenstadt. Settling in the heart of the forest felt like a fitting return to our adventure, grounding us in the tranquil beauty of nature once more.


Days 15 and 16 marked our return to the cycling adventure after an unexpected pause. Despite the initial travel hiccups, the warmth of reunion with our kind hosts and the resumption of our journey in the embrace of the Black Forest rekindled our spirits. The sense of being back on the road, camping amid nature’s beauty, signaled a promising continuation of our cycling expedition from Rotterdam to Romania.

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